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 A trusted partner in the mother and child care segment, with a wide range of Screening solutions for doctors and individuals all under one roof. With a comprehensive range of panels, we cover each and every facet of your pregnancy journey.

Complete Pregnancy Packages

Complete Pregnancy Packages

Maternal Serum Screening Tests

Maternal Serum Screening Tests

New Born Screening Test

New Born Screening Test

Pregnancy Tips

  • Get all your pregnancy tests covered, as advised by your doctor.
  • Plan your nutrition intake, as now this would be for "2"
  • Cut out alcohol, caffeine and nicotine intake.
  • Indulge in pelvic floor exercises
  • Sleep by your side and take timely rest.

Early Diagnosis, Healthy Babies



Get ClariT of the health of your baby

Get ClariT to rule out all genetic abnormalities with this non invasive prenatal pregnancy test.

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The scientific advisory board at Genes2MeWeb works as a team to give you quick and accurate results !

Scientic Experts

Our PAN India scientific team makes sure that all your technical queries are addressed. We believe in providing a seamless scientific service to our partners. What can we say, we have it in our genes.


Logistics is at the core of our company. We make sure your sample is in secure hands. Starting from sample acquisition, storage, shipping, tracking to report delivery we have assured that our logisitics network helps us deliver the fastest turn around time today.

Genetic Counselling

We call our Genetic Counselors as a "GeneSathi" who help your practice and healthy individuals to take informed decisions on test selection, , interpretation of reports, Life hacks etc. Personalized sessions to be specific to what's required.