New Born Screening

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Genes2Me offers Newborn screening tests that screen newborns for potentially fetal disorders that aren't otherwise observable at time of birth. Early diagnosis and proper treatment of these disorders can make the diffrence between lifelong impairment and healthyly development of baby.

Panel Conditions Technology Sample Type Price
NBS 4 Conditions CH, CAH, G6PD, PKU ELISA Dry Blood Spots 1200
NBS Lite (7 Conditions) CH, CAH, G6PD, GALT, PKU, CF, BIOT ELISA Dry Blood Spots 2000
Hemoglobinopathies Thalassemia, Hb Variants, Sickle Cell Disease, Sickle Cell trait HPLC Dry Blood Spots 1400
NBS Plus (11 conditions) NBS Lite + Hemoglobinopathies ELISA + HPLC Dry Blood Spots 3200
NBS_TMS (52 conditions) Amino Acids and Others (40 Conditions) and Fatty Acid Oxidation Conditions (12 Conditions) TMS Dry Blood Spots 2625
NBS_TMS (59 conditions) NBS_TMS (52 conditions) & NBS Lite ELISA + TMS Dry Blood Spots 4225
NBS Premium (63 conditions) NBS_TMS (52 conditions), NBS Lite & Hemoglobinopathies TMS + HPLC + ELISA Dry Blood Spots 5500
NBS_GCMS (109 Conditions) List for Conditions covered is available separately GCMS Urine 3490
 NBS_GCMS (116 Conditions)  NBS_GCMS (109 Conditions) + NBS Lite GCMS + ELISA Dry Blood Spots and Urine 5500
 NBS Advanced (120 Conditions) NBS_GCMS (109 Conditions) + NBS Lite + Hemoglobinopathies GCMS + HPLC + ELISA Dry Blood Spots and Urine 6750

What it screens?
What it screens?


New born screening include simple and safe tests that are performed any time after 24-48 hours after baby's birth to rule out clinically significant life threatening disorders.

Benefits of NBS
Benefits of NBS


Baby might look normal and healthy at the time of birth but this might not be the case. They usually start showing symptoms after few weeks of birth. New born screening helps diagnose these babies so as to start treatment as early as possible.
Baby might have a condition even if there is no family history.

Know Your Baby's First Test
Know Your Baby's First Test


Safe: Non Invasive Heel Prick Procedure.
Early Decision: Performed anytime after 24-48 hours after the birth of the baby.
Fast TAT: Results are provided within 4 days.
Coverage: 120+ major disorders are screened to ensure a healthy baby.


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