RT Direct - Multiplex Real Time PCR Kit for COVID-19

Unique Kit with Extraction Free Protocol which delivers results in just 40 mins. Superior coverage of 3 Genes specific to SARS-COV-2 (i.e. RdRp, N and E gene) along with RNase P as IC leading to 100% sensitivity and specificity as per Performance evaluation report from ICMR approved Validation Centre.

  • Enhances Testing Capacity
    Enhances Testing Capacity
    Allows RT-PCR test on up to 3,000 samples per day with just 1 Instrument increasing the testing capacity of lab by 3 times.
  • Enhances Testing Capacity
    Highly Accessible
    Compatible with commonly available Real Time PCR instruments such as ABI Prism®7500 & Quantstudio, BioRad CFX96 and CFX384 Touch.
  • Enhances Testing Capacity
    Simple & Efficient
    Easy to perform with no requirement of any special Equipment. Saves on time, cost and manpower as it does not require RNA Extraction process.
  • Enhances Testing Capacity
    Superior Accuracy
    Coverage of 3 Genes specific to SARS-COV-2 along with IC leading to 100% Sensitivity and Specificity in results.