Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

Fast & Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Rapi-X96 is a fully automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System which uses magnetic bead-based technology and 96 well plate format to allow simultaneous extraction of 96 samples. The magnetic beads and buffer reagents in the kit help to separate and purify high quality nucleic acids from a variety of sample sources like blood, tissues, viruses, body fluids etc.
The principle is based upon the affinity of magnetic beads to bind to the nucleic acids at a particular pH, thus allowing easy binding and release of the nucleic acids based on the pH conditions of the buffer. The system is designed for faster isolation of purified nucleic acids.

Real Time PCR Testing Solutions
High Throughput
Allows simultaneous extraction of upto 96 samples.
Real Time PCR Testing Solutions
Rapid and Accurate
Only ~20 minutes run time for high-quality purified DNA/RNA
Real Time PCR Testing Solutions
Compact Design
Small size saves laboratory spaces and eases portability
Real Time PCR Testing Solutions
10 inch Large Display
Simple interface & easy operation
Real Time PCR Testing Solutions
Open Platform
Compatible with other automation-friendly magnetic bead-based kits

Fast & Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System


- Ready-to-use pre-filled cartridges
- Open the sleeve > Add sample > Press start

Unique heating control

- A built-in pre-heating system
- 4 plate positions with 2 standard heating conditions

Contamination Control

- UV sterilisation conditions in the device
- 11 level HEPA high efficiency air filter screen to effectively eliminate aerosol pollution


Sample throughput

1 - 96

Processing Volume

50µL - 1000µL

Processing time

10 – 20 mins

Elution Volume

50µL - 1000µL

Temperature control

4 - 105°C

Module station

4,2 heatable

Magnetic bead recovery


Program storage

Store > 500 group of program

Operation interface

10” 1024 X 600 color screen

Network communication

Ethernet Remote Control

Operating temperature range

5°C - 40°C

Operating humidity range

Less than 80%

Expand interface

USB interface, RS232 interface

Pollution control

UV sterilization, Level 11 HEPA


510mm (L) X 430mm (W) X 470mm (H)


27kg [± 0.5kg]


Open platform, maximum compatibility with magnetic bead kit

Power Supply

AC 100-240 Vac, 50/60Hz