Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

One for all Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

Genes2Me’s OneXtract is a total Nucleic Acid extraction solution which is suitable for both DNA and RNA extraction and purification. It is an automation- friendly and high-throughput kit that allows 8, 16 or 96 samples from varied sources to be processed simultaneously.

One Unique Solution for total Nucleic Acid Extraction
High Quality Purified Nucleic Acid (DNA/ RNA) suitable for various downstream applications
Ready to use Prefilled Plate Format
Flexible to Multiple Samples Types
Room Temperature Optimized Protocols
Processing Time ~18 minutes

Sample Types

• Whole Blood
• Saliva
• Nasopharyngeal/ Oropharyngeal Swabs
• Plasma/ Serum
• Urine
• Fresh Tissue
• Other Body Fluids

User friendly High throughput Extraction can process 8, 16, 96 Samples in one go


• One kit for all sample types
• No additional reagent set up required
• Enhanced extraction efficiency
• Compatible with multiple platforms- Kingfisher Flex, Rapi X-16, Rapi X- 96, MGISP-960
• Available in manual and automated formats


• Ready-to-use pre-filled plate format
• One unique solution for total Nucleic acid extraction
• Compatible with multiple sample types
• High quality purified DNA/ RNA suitable for various downstream applications
• Convenient room temperature optimised protocol
• Processing time: ~18 minutes

Cat No.

Pack Size

G2M211921-NAE(PF) MagNXT Tissue & Body Fluids (One Xtract)

96/192/480 Preps